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G 20 and the consequences

Is the Super G 20 summit solving global problems and needs - or is it rather working on the establishment of a global dictatorship? 

July 2014
Prof. Dr. Hans J. Bocker 

For the casual observer the term "G 20" seems to be massively overused in the mainstream media, and very few people are concerned about the frequent routine reports from the meetings. Readers give to them as much thought as to the quarterly reports of the local rabbit breeders association.
What exactly is actually "G 20"?   Easy enough to explain: It is the informal grouping or congregation of a group. It consists of the twenty most important industrial and emerging countries, thus the global “heavyweights”, more precisely, the high ranking representatives of 19 States and the EU, who view themselves as the center of the world and the linchpin of world history.
In fact, the "G 20" and its great meetings have more than the full attention of the media. It has been regularly given an almost religious significance and is presented as a kind of "saving the world”- organization of the highest degree.


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